Creating views

There are multipe ways of creating a view for a certain control. They all have in common that the resulting type is IView or IView<'t>.

Creating views for common controls

FuncUI provides functions for creating standard avalonia controls. The create function always follows the same pattern.
internal - signature
module Button =
val create: attrs: IAttr<'control> list -> IView<'control>
user code
Button.create [
// view attributes
The create function is always found on the module named the same as the Avalonia control.
So the create function for a TextBlock is TextBlock.create, for a StackPanel it's StackPanel.create and so on.

Creating views for custom controls

Even without creating bindings for a control you can create and embedd it in a view.
View.createGeneric<MyCustomControl> [
// view attributes

Passing constructor arguments

Sometimes controls dont have a unit constructor and need constructor arguments. Here is how you can pass them.
// view attributes
|> View.createGeneric<MyCustomControl>
|> View.withConstructorArgs [| "constructorArg1" :> obj; "constructorArg2" :> obj |]
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