Note: You can check the Avalonia docs for the TextBox and TextBox API if you need more information.
For Avalonia.FuncUI's DSL properties you can check TextBox.fs
The textbox is a control that allows a user to input strings.


Basic usage

TextBox.create [
TextBox.text <text-for-box>
TextBox.onTextChanged (fun newString ->
// Do something with the changed string
Often you simply save the string in the state and use it for other things from there:
type State = {
myString: string
type Msg =
| ChangeMyString of string
let update msg state =
match msg with
| ChangeMyString newString ->
{ state with myString = newString }
let view state dispatch =
TextBox.create [
TextBox.text state.myString
TextBox.onTextChanged (ChangeMyString >> dispatch)
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