Note: You can check the Avalonia docs for the ToggleButton and ToggleButton API if you need more information.
For Avalonia.FuncUI's DSL properties you can check ToggleButton.fs
If you are looking for a button to behave more like a checkbox you can use a ToggleButton. A ToggleButton toggles between checked and unchecked on click.
A ToggleButton is a subclasses of Button so they share all the same attributes as described on that documentation page. A ToggleButton behaves similar to a CheckBox and shares similar attributes like making tristate ToggleButtons.
You need to open Avaloina.Controls.Primatives to access ToggleButton attributes.


Toggling for Checked/Unchecked
ToggleButton.create [
ToggleButton.isChecked state.checked
// Returns a bool value
ToggleButton.onIsPressedChanged (fun val -> OnChecked val |> dispatch)
Handling Checked and Unchecked Differently
ToggleButton.create [
ToggleButton.onChecked (fun _ -> dispatch Enabled)
ToggleButton.onUnchecked (fun _ -> dispatch Disabled)
Tristate Toggling
ToggleButton.isChecked can take values that are bool, Nullable<bool>, or bool option. When using tristate options however, you must use either Nullable<bool> or bool option. You can also handle each event state like above using onChecked, onUncheked, and onIndeterminate.
ToggleButton.create [
// can be either true or false
ToggleButton.isThreeState state.indeterminate
// this value is required to be either a nullable boolean
// or a boolean option
ToggleButton.isChecked state.checked
// Returns a Nullable<bool> value
ToggleButton.onIsCheckedChanged (fun nullabelVal -> OnChecked val |> dispatch)
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