Note: You can check the Avalonia docs for the Button and Button API if you need more information.

For Avalonia.FuncUI's DSL properties you can check Button.fs

Buttons are basic controls for any application you may build, buttons are often used to trigger an action.


You can check the general usage of Avalonia.FuncUI's views and attributes in the following link Views and Attributes

Create a Button

Button.create []

Register Click

Button.create [
  Button.onClick(fun _ -> dispatch MyMsg)

Set Click Mode

Button.create [
  Button.clickMode ClickMode.Press
// or
Button.create [
  Button.clickMode ClickMode.Release

for more information check the Click Mode docs

Set Content

Button.create [ Button.content "My Button" ]

Buttons can have arbitrary content, for example it can be a string as the example above. It also can be another entire control like a StackPanel

let playIcon =
  Canvas.create [ ... ]
let textbox =
  TextBox.create [ ... ]

let iconAndTextBlock =
  StackPanel.create [
    StackPanel.orientation Horizontal
    StackPanel.spacing 8.0
    StackPanel.children [ playIcon; textbox ]
Button.create [
  Button.content iconAndTextBlock

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