Note: You can check the Avalonia docs for the TextBlock and TextBlock API if you need more information.

For Avalonia.FuncUI's DSL properties you can check TextBlock.fs

The textblock control allows you to present text within the application.


Basic usage

TextBlock.create [
    TextBlock.text <text-for-box>


You will often want to specify how you want the text to look and TextBlock implements a number of properties to that end

Background You can pass either a basic string or an IBrush instance for more control

TextBlock.create [
    TextBlock.background "red"
    TextBlock.text "Critical malfunction!"

Foreground To set the text color, you can again pass either a basic string or an IBrush instance

TextBlock.create [
    TextBlock.foreground "green"
    TextBlock.text "All systems operational."

Font The look of the font is specified by way of the fontFamily, fontSize, fontWeight and fontStyle properties

TextBlock.create [
    TextBlock.fontFamily font   // where font is an Avalonia.Media.FontFamily instance
    TextBlock.fontSize 24.0
    TextBlock.fontWeight Avalonia.Media.FontWeight.Bold
    TextBlock.fontStyle Avalonia.Media.FontStyle.Italic
    TextBlock.text "Entrance restricted."

Padding TextBlock allows you to set the padding in several ways

TextBlock.create [
    // using horizontal, vertical values
    TextBlock.padding (20.0, 10.0)
    // using left, top, right, bottom values 
    TextBlock.padding (5.0, 10.0, 15.0, 20.0)
    // using an Avalonia.Thickness struct
    TextBlock.padding thickness
    TextBlock.text "It's nice with some space."

Text formatting Several properties are available to adjust how the content of the TextBlock is formatted

TextBlock.create [
    TextBlock.lineHeight 16.0
    TextBlock.maxLines 4
    TextBlock.textWrapping Avalonia.Media.TextWrapping.Wrap
    TextBlock.textAlignment Avalonia.Media.TextAlignment.Center
    TextBlock.textTrimming Avalonia.Media.TextTrimming.WordEllipsis
    TextBlock.text "A longer paragraph could at times use some more formatting."

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