Note: You can check the Avalonia docs for the CheckBox and CheckBox API if you need more information.
For Avalonia.FuncUI's DSL properties you can check CheckBox.fs
The checkbox is a control that allows a user to represent boolean values or the absense of a value


Set Label
CheckBox.create [
CheckBox.content "I Accept the terms and conditions."
Set Is Checked
CheckBox.create [
// can be either true or false
CheckBox.isChecked state.booleanValue
Set Indeterminate
CheckBox.create [
// can be either true or false
CheckBox.isThreeState state.indeterminate
// this value is required to be either a nullable boolean
// or a boolean option
CheckBox.isChecked None
To be able to set the indeterminate state, the isThreeState value must be true and the isChecked value must be None or Nullable boolean set to null
Set Dynamic State Checkbox
You can mix and match the three states of a checkbox. In this example if the count value is greater than 0 the box will be checked, if the value is 0 then it will be indeterminate, lastly if the value is less than 0 it will be unchecked
let isChecked =
if state.count = 0 then
else if state.count > 0 then
Some true
Some false
CheckBox.create [
CheckBox.content "Dynamic CheckBox"
// this is not required
CheckBox.isEnabled false
CheckBox.isThreeState (state.count = 0)
CheckBox.isChecked isChecked
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